Barbie Does Dating hosts - LDS or Mormon Dating podcast

Barbie Berg (host – left), Steve Soelberg (co-host – center), Nick Galieti (producer – right). Inside the “murder room” studio.

Welcome to this the first episode of the Barbie Does Dating Podcast! Consider this our first date. In this episode you get a chance to learn about the host, Barbie Berg, as well as co-host, standup comedian, Steve Soelberg, and producer, Nick Galieti.

In this episode we also discuss communicating at Dances, special aspects of single’s ward culture, how married people should (or should not) set single people up on dates, what it means to be vulnerable in a relationship, and so much more.

Laugh along with Barbie, Steve, and Nick who help you navigate the dating world with great humor, real straight talk advice, and maybe even a little sage wisdom.

Barbie Does Dating will keep adding new features, different co-hosts, crazy dating stories, and more!