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A life full of dating experiences, which are at times too crazy to believe, has become the starting point for this podcast.

Originally from Colorado, moving to Utah in 2012 has altered Barbie’s  view on single life, especially as a mid-single in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Despite all the struggles, and remaining eternally single, Barbie remains a romantic optimist and knows her future husband is out there somewhere.

Barbies passion for all things involving love has evolved into her day job where she designs a collection of modest wedding dresses, The Modest Bridal Collection by Barbie.  You can view the collection here and find a store near you

Steve Soelberg is a Seattle native, but has lived in Utah for over 15 years.  He has been dating a long time and is sincerely trying, and hopes that being a part of this podcast improves his efforts.  If he gets married because of this show, Barbie will be taking full credit.

He works as a stand-up comedian and has a secret public fan page he tells know one about (until this bio writing).  You can use Google to watch some of his hilarious clips.  For a schedule of his live shows, or to book him for a corporate event, you can feel expensive (alright, feel free) to visit his website


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Nick Galieti is an experienced podcaster for organizations like FairMormonLDS Perspectives and Book of Mormon Central, as well as his own podcast, The Good Word and Latter-day Saint MissionCast. Nick Galieti was recipient of the 2015 John Taylor: Defender of the Faith Award by FairMormon for outstanding service and contributions to Latter-day Saint Apologetics. Since starting podcasting in 2011, Nick has produced, or hosted over 750 Podcast episodes.

Nick Galieti is also the author of the books “Tree of Sacrament,” “The Exaltation Equation,” and is a contributor and editor for the volume “D&C 4: A Lifetime Study in Discipleship.” The proceeds of the D&C 4 book are being donated to the missionary program of the Church. Nick has directed and produced two feature length documentaries on Joseph Smith: “Picturing Joseph,” and “Murder of the Mormon Prophet.”

Nick is an entrepreneur and has owned multiple businesses, but works primarily as a sound engineer, traveling the world working for multi-national corporations for their conventions. Nick has been married to his wife, Heidi, since 2001 and they have 5 daughters.

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